Welcome to Alzheimer's Music Connect

Hello and welcome to the Alzheimer’s Music Connect store. Whether you are an at-home Caregiver, a Caregiving professional, a family member or a friend of someone suffering with the disease, you are in the right place. We are here to offer a solution to the question “How do I connect with an Alzheimer’s patient?”

All the music in our store has been therapeutically enhanced with a process called Altus Oscillation™. Through this patent pending process we have been able to safely introduce various gentle stimulating wave impulses—already present in the brain—and harmoniously unite them with recognizable music resulting in a much more therapeutic effect than music alone. There are no invasive stimuli involved in Altus Oscillation™ and using the system is as simple as turning on a CD player or iPod.

What reaction can you expect from your care recipient? We have observed that patients are more relaxed and in the moment, engaged in conversation about earlier times in their lives, smiling, tapping, humming, singing along with the songs and in some cases, even dancing. And the best part is that these positive reactions can last up to three hours after the music has ended, freeing up valuable personal time for the Caregiver.