Altus Oscillation Logo Altus Oscillation Enhanced Music. This technology is included in all of our music products. Electroencephalography (EEG) testing, which measures electrical impulses occurring in the brain, of this patent pending process conducted with Alzheimer's and Dementia sufferers, included some or all of the following results:

  • Amplified brain activity in the frontal or parietal lobe;
  • Greater alertness to the present moment;
  • Demonstrated calmness and contentment;
  • Became animated by singing or humming along with the music; and
  • Showed increased brain activity.

Altus Oscillation™—enhanced music will have the same effect on non-Alzheimer's/Dementia listeners.

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Meditation for the Caregiver (mp3 download)

$ 14.99

This disc is designed for the Caregiver. The best way to take care of your loved one is to take care of yourself. Every time you play this collection of serene music, you will find yourself better able to focus your energy and achieve renewed peace of mind. Allow caregiving pressures to melt away as you tune in to the beautiful strains of these soothing melodies.

Meditation for the Caregiver by Michel Elan is "just what the doctor ordered..."

(1) Angel Air (2) Heaven Tonight (3) Featherbed (4) Blue Visions (5) Four Emotions (6) Zen Sailing (7) Tree Choir (8) Wheel Of Life (9) Gentle Breath (10) Light Without Shadow (11) Cloud Dancing (12) The Dreamer.


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